I have been mad about design since I was a child - building doll houses out of wood scraps from my father's projects and decorating the walls with madras plaid from my mother's sewing room; rendering interior designs; and, creating holiday magazines and presentations for my parents with my sister.  As a young girl, for fun, I self-published a book entitled "Prep" wherein I illustrated various associated accoutrements and photographed my Paris Hilton look-a-like sister wearing the appropriate attire.  In high school, I enjoyed art and photography and felt most proud carrying my portfolio to school.  

In college, I floundered, declaring majors such as computer science,  business, and labor relations never really finding my niche (alas, I should have followed my natural proclivities), although, I did freely submit architectural drawings with my architectural history assignments despite the fact that these were not required.  I also dabbled in retail when I took a brief break from college.  At the time, I was praised for the windows I designed at the local Levi store and proudly informed the owner that the girl in Womens Wear Daily that week, Suzanne Ircha, was an acquaintance of mine at school.  

At the time, I thought of applying to FIT, however, my relatives' advice was paramount in my mind - that I needed a practical profession and so ultimately, yes, I did become a lawyer and yet, the dreams of working in fashion or interior design (or even publishing) never died.  I remain fascinated with all facets of fashion and design!